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Listing Rules Posting Rules

  1. Accurate and True Information:

    • All information in your ad (product description, price, photos) must be accurate and true.

  2. Appropriate Content:

    • Ads should be morally, legally, and socially acceptable. Discriminatory, aggressive, or inappropriate content is not allowed.

  3. Respect for Copyright:

    • Only use photos and content for which you have copyright or usage rights.

  4. Prohibited Products:

    • The sale of prohibited or illegal products is not allowed. (You should specify a list of these products on your platform.)

  5. Pricing Rules:

    • Prices in your ad should be clear and understandable. Deceptive pricing or hidden fees are prohibited.

  6. Multiple and Duplicate Ads:

    • Posting multiple ads for the same product or duplicating ads is not allowed.

  7. Personal and Sensitive Information:

    • Personal contact information (phone number, email address) should not be shared in ads.

  8. Safe Transaction Tips:

    • Encourage buyers to conduct payment and delivery transactions through the platform.

  9. Ad Updates:

    • Ads for sold or no longer valid items should be promptly removed.

  10. Complaints and Violation Reporting:

    • Users should be able to report ads that do not comply with the rules.